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Drew Barrymore Likes to See It All When She Travels

by Team Fathom
Drew Drew likes to stay on the go. Photo courtesy of Drew Barrymore.

The irreverent, effervescent Drew Barrymore travels like she lives — joyfully and eclectically. The actress and entrepreneur’s new decor collection for Walmart, Flower Home, is inspired by her globetrotting adventures and reflects her style and favorite places. To kick off the launch, we asked her a few questions about her travel style.

Do you consider yourself a "see it all" or "take it easy" kind of traveler?

Oh, I am for sure a “see it all” type of traveler. I plan ahead and research like crazy! But once a year I take a trip where I just sit like a lizard on a rock!

Any travel hacks you swear by?

A good cell phone plan. Packing emergency antibiotics. I also pre-map art shops and restaurants so I can see what’s in an area and maximize.

Who is your travel hero? Is there anyone whose advice you follow or whose travel style you admire?

I have always had crushes on Pilar Guzman from Conde Nast Traveler, Dana Cowin from Food & Wine, and Nancy Novograd from Travel and Leisure. Those ladies ran seriously good food and travel magazines.

What was your last big trip?

To Italy with my daughters for Christmas, complete with pizza making classes and a tour of old toy stores. It was their Christmas gift.

How have your travel habits changed as you've gotten older/had children/seen more of the world?

If I don’t have my kids, iPads, and headphones, I might die of a heart attack. As far as treats go, it's a free-for-all when we travel. Travel days are hard and long. We make them as fun as possible for all involved.

Drew Barrymore with Chic Stays book. Photo by Drew Barrymore/Instagram.
Photo from Drew Barrymore's Instagram.

What are the top places you'd love to visit?

The Sahara Desert, under the stars. The cliffs of Santorini, with wine. The mountains of Montana, on horseback.

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