Travel Loot

Spend the Holiday Catching Up on 2014's 10 Most Transporting Books, TV Shows, and Movies

by Berit Baugher

Clockwise from left: The Grand Budapest Hotel; a scene from Magic in the Moonlight; The Almost Nearly Perfect People; A notorious second line parade in Treme.

This week in Travel Loot, we're catching up on the year's best travel-y movies, TV shows, and books. Perfect entertainment during the holiday break.

Scandinavia, France, Italy, Zubrowka: This is the week to pick your dream destination and schedule time for armchair travel. Between Christmas and New Year's, things get so quiet that it's easy to find the time — on a cross-country flight, during a few days off — to catch up on the stack of books by the bed and the movies in the queue. If you want a few more, these are the 10 books, TV shows, and movies that transported us this year. Read, watch, download, and go. Wherever you are.


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