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How to Turn Small Trips into Big Vacations

by Team Fathom

It's closer than you think. Photo: Anders Wideskott / Unsplash

When you use the right credit card to pay for your travels and your everyday expenses, your dream holiday will soon become a reality. This post was created in collaboration with Discover it® Miles.

Did you know that your small trips can pay for your big vacations?

Wait. What's that trick?

It's no trick: It's what happens when you use your Discover it® Miles card to pay for your travel purchases.

Throughout the Discover it® Miles series on Fathom, you've learned about the many ways cardmembers can leverage the card to make vacation dreams a reality.


You earn one Mile for every dollar you spend, wherever you spend it. Not only on your travels but also at the grocery store, at the gas station, at the cute boutique, at the standing-room-only bistro. Those Miles will compound quickly, because Discover gives you 1.5x Miles for every Mile earned — and matches all Miles at the end of the first year.

Which gives you extra incentive to take that easy, don't-have-to-think-about-it getaway: the three-day weekend, the beachy day trip, the desert hike with restorative spa massage.

But what you might not have realized is that those easy getaways are actually working for you. By using your Discover it Miles card to pay for these small trips — for the gas, the train ticket, the hotel room, the delicious and lazy lunch — you're earning Miles.

Now imagine: When those well-earned Miles multiply, which they will do (and quickly), you'll have to do something with them.


Here's an idea: Redeem the Miles to help pay for that big dream vacation. The one where you're skiing in Colorado, hiking volcanoes in Hawaii, and paddleboarding in the Caribbean. Discover makes it easy, with flexible redemption policies, no blackout dates, unlimited airline options, in-flight Wi-Fi credits, and more.

Is there anything better than being on vacation? Yes: getting to your next (and even better) vacation. Discover it Miles agrees.

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This post was created in collaboration with Discover it® Miles, the travel credit card that lets you travel without boundaries.

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