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Are You Ready For a Sriracha Margarita?

by Daniel Schwartz

Photo courtesy of Cocktail Crate.

Where would you rather be right now? Whip up a cocktail and tell us all about it.

I'm packing up from work on a dreary weekday afternoon in New York City, dreaming of basking in the sun at a buzzy outdoor bar in the trendy San Angel neighborhood of Mexico City. There's an ice-cold margarita in my hand. There are spicy tacos in my future. Everyone around me is tanned, toned, and laughing.

Snap back to reality. I'm sitting at the table in my small Brooklyn apartment. Everyone around me is a cat. There are spicy tacos in my future. (ETA 45 minutes.) The ice-cold margarita I'm sipping is made with Cocktail Crate's Sriracha Margarita Craft Mixer, which comes out of Queens, my hometown, the capital of global flavor mashups. (Says Proud Colombian-Jew.)

Fresh-squeezed lime juice, organic agave nectar, and small-batch Sriracha mixed with my favorite mezcal gives me the spicy punch in the gut I need. It's no Mexico City, but it's transportive enough.


Cocktail Crate's Spicy Margarita Mixer is available for $13 on


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