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LA Designer Flocks to Marrakech

by Flavie Webster
Women walking around Marrakech in colorful, traditional outfits. It is really hard to take photographs of locals as they believe pictures will take their soul away. Photo by Christine Pierre

Marrakech and Cerre have a lot in common. Though one sprawling is a city, and the other is a sought-after luxury leather brand only available at its eponymous Melrose Avenue boutique, they share an air of mystery, an appreciation for authenticity, and an open invitation to sit for a cup of tea. It's no surprise that Flavie Webster, who co-designs the line with her husband Clayton, fell hard for the Ochre City while exploring it this past spring. She shares some of the most beautiful moments of her trip.

MARRAKECH, Morocco – Cerre designer Flavie Webster soaks up the beauty of the city from the dye alley's of the souk to the sun-drenched garden of Yves Saint Laurent.


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