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The Suitcase Designer's 6 Carry-On Essentials

by Sara Banks

Clockwise (from top left): A window seat view; Trish McEvoy Beauty Booster Serum; Steamline Luggage founder Sara Banks with son Milo; The Entrepreneur collection from Steamline Luggage.

Every Wednesday in Travel Loot, we look for products that match our editorial theme of the week. The Cyber Monday onslaught inspired us to Shop the Globe, which means we'll need a great suitcase to store everything in. We turned to Sara Banks, founder of Steamline Luggage, to see what she's putting in her glamorous travel trunk.

I really try to keep travel essentials down to a minimum because there is nothing less glamorous than having your bag spill out with all sorts of "necessaries" that are barely used —  because they are inaccessible.

There are only a few essential items I need to feel bright and prepared for arrival. 


The Carry-On

My SteamLine Luggage briefcase can easily fit on top of a carry-on case. I stow my plastic bag toiletries for airport security in there and still have room to spare for a few toddler toys (distractions are key!) and a book (if I should be so lucky to get that far). 


The Go-To Wrap

I always bring a one-arm wrap, a.k.a. WonderWrap, essentially a shawl with a sleeve that can be tied and worn in several different ways. It's the one go-to piece for travelling I wear from plane to beach to evenings out and when cultural coverage is required.  

The Balm

I moisturize with Trilogy Everything Balm. Believe what it says on the lid: You can use it everywhere — hands, lips, body. I have been known to smother my entire family with it, too. It smells great and comes in a plastic tub so it is easy to get to on bouncy flights without worrying about spills or leaks.

The Beauty Booster

Trish McEvoy’s Beauty Booster Serum is my ultimate travel companion. It absorbs instantly to hydrate, plump, and brighten travel-worn skin. You can even pat it over a made-up face.

Trish McEvoy also makes a great tubular lash-curling mascara that is tear-proof, sleep-proof and travel-proof. If you want to de-plane looking good, it will withstand even the longest travel route.

The Blusher

Upon arrival, I'll dab a little Benefit Benetint color on my cheeks and lips. Then I'm off! 


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