Fathom Favorites : Bermuda

1. Astwood Cove Beach

Astwood Cove Beach

An off-the-beaten-path cove located down a flight of ledge-like stairs carved into the rugged limestone cliffs of Astwood Park. The reward for making it down: You’ll most likely have this postcard-perfect beach all to yourself.

49 South Rd.
Warwick, WK 02

2. Warwick Long Bay

Warwick Long Bay

The longest stretch of sand in Bermuda is the best place to start a seaside hike  that hits most of the south shore’s best beaches. (Start at any further east and  you’ll hit a bunch of pesky rocks hiking west.) Park your car at the western end of the beach if you’d rather avoid the very long walk down the shore. 

South Shore Park
Warwick, WK 02

3. Jobson's Cove

Jobson's Cove

A sublime natural swimming pool closed off from the ocean by limestone rocks, which buffer both the breeze and the waves, making this spot great for beach picnics and family gatherings. Bring the snorkel gear: There’s a good chance you’ll spot a parrot fish swimming by the rocks.

South Shore Park
Warwick, WK 02

4. Stonehole Bay Beach

Stonehole Bay Beach

The best beach for a Bermuda bonfire. Set up your pit within one of the small, rocky nooks, which do good work blocking the breeze. You’ll get a nice photo out of it too come nightfall when the flames illuminate the rock face. If you’d rather not do any kindling work, Bermuda Cool Run-Ins will do it for you.

South Shore Park
Warwick, WK 02

5. Horseshoe Bay Cove

Horseshoe Bay Cove

There’s a reason tourists flock here. The pink sands are coral-flecked and pillow-soft. The sparkling blue waters are world-famous. There’s a kiddie beach and a rum bar tucked away to one side. On Good Friday, the cove is filled with locals flying kites, an Easter tradition meant to symbolize the ascension of Christ that is now practiced by hobbyists around the island all year round.

Horseshoe Rd.

6. St. Peter's Church

St. Peter's Church

The oldest Anglican church outside the British Isles. Don't stop at the photogenic staircase. The cedar-clad sanctuary and the African burial ground out back (one of a handful of reasons this church is on Bermuda's African Diaspora Heritage Trail) is worth a look, too. 

Queen St. 
St. George's, GE 05

7. Admiralty House Park

Admiralty House Park

A favorite North Shore hang, especially with the cliff jumping contingent. The park’s limestone bluffs house a system of ocean-fed caves, which are used by divers to rescale the rock face post-jump. Pirates used these literal holes in the wall to smuggle goods into Bermuda. Today, these windows onto the Atlantic make great places to crack open a beer, eat an Art Mel’s fish sandwich, and chill out.

Spanish Point Rd. 
Pembroke, HM 02

8. Elbow Beach

Elbow Beach

A pink-sand beauty dotted with picturesque yellow umbrellas where the sunsets rarely disappoint and the sight of divers waddling into the water in full scuba gear is not at all uncommon. (The ocean drop-off is unusually close to shore here.) Gain access to the most pristine section of the beach by booking a spa appointment or dinner reservation at the members-only Coral Beach Club.

60 South Shore Rd. 
Paget, PG 04

9. Orange Bay Company

Orange Bay Company

This massive, two-floor consignment store is the place to go in search of a hidden gem, whether that be a vintage top, a local painting, a pair of shoes, a bracelet, a tea set, or any number of quirky items unearthed from around the island. Be warned: There’s a bunch of nice furniture downstairs.

45 Victoria St.
Hamilton, HM 12

10. The Island Shop

The Island Shop

Bermudian artist Barbara Finsness hand-paints everything she sells — ceramics, linens, glassware, stationary, and other accessories — in colorful motifs inspired by the flora and fauna of the island. She has shops in Hamilton, St. George's, and the Fairmont Southampton.

3 Queen St.
Hamilton, HM 11

11. Marcus'


Marcus Samuelson’s namesake restaurant inside The Hamilton Princess is a great scene, even in the off-season and especially on Thursday nights, when a live band plays reggae ballads until late. The menu is a mix of Samuelson classics (i.e. The Yard Bird) and takes on Bermudian classics, like fish chowder croquettes and a house swizzle made with a custom Gosling’s rum you can only find at the restaurant.

76 Pitts Bay Rd.
Hamilton, HM 08

12. Harbour Nights

Harbour Nights

Every Wednesday evening during the summer, Hamilton’s main drag is closed off to traffic and filled with local craftspeople selling their wares, food trucks hawking local specialities, and the country’s famous Gombey dancers who bust a move in colorful costumes to the sound of goatskin drums.

Front St. 

13. Reeve Court Edible Garden

Reeve Court Edible Garden

In St. George’s, a public edible garden that belongs to a beautifully maintained home dating back to the early 1700s. Stop in and sniff around (you’ll find all sorts of herbs, cherries, and other aromatics) but be respectful — you’re on somebody’s property.

3 King St.
St. George's, GE 05

14. The Bermuda Railway Trail National Park

The Bermuda Railway Trail National Park

What was once Bermuda’s short-lived railway is now a lush pedestrian-only path that spans the entirety of the island. Walk, run, or bike alongside cedar trees, fruiting flora, and a variety of lofty palms at a leisurely pace, taking in historical points of interest — including Somerset Bridge, the world's smallest drawbridge (linked on the map) — and fantastic views along the way.

15. Natura Cave Spa

Natura Cave Spa

The treatment rooms at Grotto Bay Beach Resort and Spa make the most of their serene location — floating on azure water inside a half-million-year-old cave or in an over-water gazebo in a private cove. Book a cave massage and let the sound of water dripping off stalactites wash away all wandering thoughts.

11 Blue Hole Hill
Hamilton Parish, CR 04

16. TABS


The authentic Bermuda short. Get one in your favorite color. They have swim trunks if you forgot yours at home.

12 Reid St.
Hamilton, HM 11

17. Long Story Short

Long Story Short

Bermuda writer, blogger, and local character Kristen White’s personality is on full display at her St. George’s boutique, located in historic Tucker House, where she sells all her favorites things: hula hoops, head scarves, and secondhand books included. She also runs tours of St. George’s, which depart from the shop and include a foodie bike tour and a haunted history tour that she acts in.

5 Water St.
St. George's, GE 05

18. Breezes Restaurant

Breezes Restaurant

The beachfront restaurant at Cambridge Beaches Resort and Spa boasts arguably the best sunset views of any bar in Bermuda. Grab a swizzle at the bar, which, unlike the restaurant, doesn’t require reservations. 

30 Kings Point Rd.
Somerset, MA 02

19. The Hog Penny

The Hog Penny

Bermuda’s oldest licensed dining established (and original inspiration for the bar in the show Cheers) delivers a true pub experience, from the wide selection of draft beer and comfort food on offer to the live bands that regularly bring the house down. The folks here may not know your name, but they do know how to have a good time.

5 Burnaby St.
Hamilton, HM 12

20. Conservatory Bar and Lounge

Conservatory Bar and Lounge

Get your gin and tonic any of nine ways (there’s a different one for every gin bottle on the top shelf) at Rosewood Bermuda’s elegant, intimate gin bar. Go for pre- or post-dinner drinks — the atmosphere, the twin fireplaces, the handprinted floors, and the adjacent courtyard with its own fountain are all sublime.

60 Tuckers Point Dr.
Hamilton Parish, HS 02
+1-441 298-4013

21. Yours Truly

Yours Truly

A hidden gem of a cocktail bar — in the truest sense of the word — tucked behind a red door down Hamilton’s Chancery Lane. Owner and mixologist Yannis Heracleous’ ever-evolving bar program is unrivaled and makes good use of fresh fruit and aromatics — their Dark ’n’ Stormy uses sharp housemade ginger beer — particularly the kinds that grow wild in Bermuda, like Surinam cherry, loquat, and allspice.

2 Chancery Ln.
Hamilton, HM 12
+1-441-295 0429

22. The Astwood Arms

The Astwood Arms

A spirited Victorian-inspired pub with a separate cellar that screens live games. Order a craft beer at the bar, which features an impressive mantelpiece flown in from New England in three pieces, indulge in some pub grub (try the ginger beer-battered fish and chips), and make friends for the night.

81 Front St.
Hamilton, HM 12

23. Waterlot Inn

Waterlot Inn

Fairmont Southampton’s fancy white-tablecloth steakhouse located in a two-story manor house dating back to 1670 is known for the classics: oysters Rockefeller, lobster bisque, and many prime cuts of meat. Reservations are required; dinner jackets are highly encouraged. Show up early at The Dock outside for a swizzle, some live music, and views over Jew’s Bay before dinner.

183 Middle Rd.
Southampton, SN 04

24. Big B’s BBQ & Jerk

Big B’s BBQ & Jerk

Rock up to the wharf in front of the World Heritage Centre on the weekend and you’ll find a swarm of hungry folks gathering around a grill — they’re waiting for plates of Blake and Trudy Simmons’ saucy, Southern-inspired smoked meats. The Simmons work nine-to-five during the week and only have time to make their signature sides (baked spaghetti, peas and rice, scalloped potatoes, jalapeño cornbread) for Sunday service. That’s when you should go. 

19 Pennos Wharf
St. George's, GE 05

25. D&C Grill

D&C Grill

A modest roadside jerk joint you will probably pass on your way around the island — if the smoker out front is running, you can’t (and shouldn’t) miss it. Stop in for saucy jerk chicken and pork with mac and cheese and rice and peas (that’s Jamaican-style kidney beans and rice for you). Though not traditional Bermudian cuisine, locals love it as if it were their own.

Harrington Sound Rd.
Smiths Parish, HS 01

26. Huckleberry Restaurant

Huckleberry Restaurant

Make a point to try the Michelin-starred restaurant in the Rosedon’s lobby. It’s some of the best on the island. (Look out for local ingredients throughout: Bermuda onion, Wadson Farms chicken, blackened local rockfish.) Opt for the genteel terrace for the best seat in the house.

61 Pitts Bay Rd.
Pembroke, HM 08

27. Rosewood Bermuda

Rosewood Bermuda

Bermuda’s most sophisticated hotel is the place for a splurge. Four elegant bars and restaurants, the longest private beach in the country, and one of the island’s best golf courses all impress. (The top dog, Mid Ocean Club, is just down the way.) After a major renovation, the palatial resort rocks a more streamlined aesthetic. Rooms are bright and so big they feel like they belong in a villa. (FYI: The hotel has those, too.)

60 Tuckers Point Dr.
Hamilton Parish, HS 02

28. National Museum of Bermuda

National Museum of Bermuda

Spread over several historic fortifications, the museum explores Bermuda’s more than 500 years of history — shipwrecks, pirates, and all. Make a beeline to the beautifully restored Commissioner’s House and marvel at artist Graham Foster’s larger-than-life Hall of History Mural. Fun fact: The balcony on the house’s third floor is the windiest corridor in the entire country.

Maritime Ln.
Sandys, MA 01

29. Masterworks Museum of Bermuda Art

Masterworks Museum of Bermuda Art

Located in an old arrowroot factory within the Bermuda Botanical Gardens, the country’s first purpose-built museum exhibits Bermuda-inspired work from artists dating back to the 1700s, including Georgia O’Keefe and Winslow Homer. If you catch founder Tom Butterfield running around, ask for a tour of the archives. He’ll gladly oblige.

183 South Rd.
Paget, DV 04

30. Crystal Cave

Crystal Cave

Discovered in the early 1900s by two Bermudian boys searching for a lost cricket ball, this ancient cave, which is fed by crystal-clear ocean water and covered in calcite, has inspired the likes of many, including Mark Twain, its supposed first tourist visitor. The tour you take to access it is fun, especially if you're in a small group: They turn the lights out for a second at the end to simulate the boy’s pioneer discovery, which is both surreal and nerve-racking.

8 Crystal Caves Rd.
Hamilton Parish, CR 04

31. Dreu's Bay Beach

Dreu's Bay Beach

A tiny hidden gem of a beach that’s perfect for an amorous rendezvous. Few know about it, so chances are you and your special someone will have it all to yourself, but if you do find a couple here, local custom is to leave them alone. This beach is best experienced as a party of two.

Barry Rd.. 
St. George's, GE 03

32. Cooper's Island Nature Reserve

Cooper's Island Nature Reserve

A former NASA space tracking station turned actual paradise, this out-of-the-way nature reserve has only been open to the public since 1995 (before then, it was occupied by American military), so many of its trails and beaches remain unspoiled. Grab a swizzle and a fish sandwich at Gombey’s Bar by Clearwater Beach, then hike to the wildlife observation tower at the end of the island for sunset. You may spot an egret, turtle, or a whale out at sea along the way.

Cooper's Island Rd.
St. George's, DD 03

33. Tobacco Bay

Tobacco Bay

Great for snorkeling. Great for families. Great for bumping to live music by a bonfire when live bands come to play at the beach bar and restaurant in the summer. Not so great when cruise ships pull into port down in St. George’s, so check the schedule before coming. Achilles’ Bay up the coast has similar snorkeling opportunities and is never crowded, but doesn’t offer gear rentals like Tobacco Bay does.

9 Coots Pond Rd.
St. George's, GE 03

34. Lili Bermuda Perfumery

Lili Bermuda Perfumery

A charming perfumery located in historic Stewart Hall that looks as nice as it smells. Come by on a Tuesday or Thursday and try your hand at making one of their only-in-Bermuda scents, which incorporate local aromatics like cedar, oleander, and loquat. Stop in on a Wednesday or Saturday for a real treat, when afternoon tea is served in the best smelling back garden ever. They also have a storefront on Hamilton's Front Street that only sells fragrance.

5 Queen St.
St.George's, GE 05

35. Naked Zero

Naked Zero

A hole-in-the-wall shop specializing in sustainable, vegan, zero-waste items, like smoothie bombs, local small-bach deodorant, and crystal-infused body oil from Bermudian herbal brand Àse Naturals.

49 Front St.
Hamilton, HM 11

36. 1609 Bermuda Design

1609 Bermuda Design

This small shop, tucked down Hamilton’s Old Cellar Lane, deals in good vibes and great souvenirs, like soaps, candles, Bermuda-stamped totes and coasters, and dainty jewelry made by the owner herself. 

47 Front St.
Hamilton, HM 11

37. Merch


A stylish new St. George’s boutique that stocks a tight selection of locally made merch (Limestone + Cedar Co. candles, Ace Boy cushions, Nawf Shore tee shirts) and stylish imports (Gestalten coffee table books, Cynthia Rowley apparel). Great for an island-inspired wardrobe update.

1 King’s Sq.
St.George's, GE 05

38. Alexandra Mosher

Alexandra Mosher

Alexandra Mosher’s jewelry business, which started as a street stall operation, now has its own fully fledged Front Street flagship selling highly giftable pink sand jewelry inspired by the ebb and flow of the island, all made by hand by the artist and her team in the back of the shop.

5 Front St.
Hamilton, HM 11

39. & Partners

& Partners

A treasure trove of home goods by U.S., Scandinavian, and Bermudian designers. Look out for hand-carved reclaimed wooden spoons from carpenter Alex Davidson, glass vases by Laura Elizabeth Smith, and mod jewelry from Rebecca Little, among other wares from local artisans. Bring an extra bag if you plan to shop here. You’ll want everything. 

46 Par-La-Ville Rd.
Hamilton, HM 11

40. Della Valle Sandals

Della Valle Sandals

Capri-born cobbler Vincenzo Della Valle will custom-fit a one-of-a-kind Italian leather sandal to your foot in roughly an hour. Right in front of you. By the window. You’re clearly not on the Amalfi Coast (though the roads are windy and the scooters are aplenty), but in this cute little shop, it sure does feel like that way.

19 Queen St.
Hamilton, HM 11

41. Atelerie


Designer clothing. Boutique jewelry. Top-shelf skincare. Bermuda-made accessories. Gifts. Snacks. Wine (including Raft-Up Rosé, a Bermuda exclusive.) If you need it, they got it. If you don’t need it, you’ll probably want it. It’s just that kind of place.

9 Reid St.
Hamilton, HM 11

42. Urban Cottage Bermuda

Urban Cottage Bermuda

This is where the cool kids shop. Nicole Golden’ well-curated boutique brims with an eclectic mix of fashion-forward styles and vintage-inspired pieces. The emphasis is on men’s and women’s clothing, though a healthy smattering of candles, jewelry, and home goods give it wide-ranging appeal.

11 Front St.
Hamilton, HM 11

43. Woody's


A classic roadside workmen’s bar (workmen referring to men avoiding work) that dishes out a mean fish sandwich of its own, as well as a variety of other tasty fish bits to go along with the many Dark ’n’ Stormys you’ll be having here. A great place to hang tight and chat with locals, especially if a football game is on the tele. 

1 Woody's Dr.
Somerset, MA 01

44. Wahoo’s Bistro and Patio

Wahoo’s Bistro and Patio

A reliable fish joint specializing in freshly caught seafood and comforting classics like fish chowder and fried wahoo nuggets. Good when you’re feeling peckish in St. George’s. Better when the harbor-side terrace is open. Best when spiny Bermudian lobster is on the chalkboard specials menu. Get it with black-eyes peas and rice and cole slaw.

36 Water St.
St.George's, GE 05

45. Art Mel's Spicy Dicy

Art Mel's Spicy Dicy

Locals start lining up at noon for the king of all Bermudian fish sandwiches: two massive fillets of fried fish, hot sauce, and tartar sauce on raisin bread. Get it with cole slaw and a slice of cheese inside as the locals do, pick up a can of cold Barritt’s Bermuda Stone Ginger Beer, and stuff yourself silly, preferably by the water. 

9 St. Monica's Rd.
Hamilton, HM 14

46. Marée


French-inflected sea-to-table cuisine served in a stunning glass-walled dining room overlooking the ocean draws a sophisticated evening crowd. Grab a Dark ’n’ Stormy from the restaurant bar, which resembles a members club and regularly hosts world-class DJs on weekends, and enjoy on the patio under the stars.

116 South Rd.
Tucker's Town, HS 01

47. The Coral Room and Longtail Terrace

The Coral Room and Longtail Terrace

Marvelously stuck in time, The Coral Room at Coral Beach Beach Club is the last Bermuda restaurant that requires gentlemen to wear formal attire to dinner (tie, jacket, Bermuda socks, and knee shorts). Show up around sunset for a truly memorable meal — Longtail Terrace out front, named for the avian mural on its dance floor, has an even better view and doesn’t have a dress code — or on Thursdays for a seafood buffet feast.

34 South Rd.
Paget, PG 04

48. Victoire Cafe + Cycle Club

Victoire Cafe + Cycle Club

A bright, minimalist coffee shop that’s cool even by Brooklyn standards. Handsome lattes are served on geometric Hay trays, baskets of indie mags line the wall, and a collection of bike caps hang from the ceiling’s cedar beams, a nod to the many cyclists that ride through this corridor of St. George’s. They even brew beans from Aarhus-based La Cabra Coffee Roasters, which is opening up shop in Brooklyn.

1 Water St.
St.George's, GE 05

49. OM Juicery

OM Juicery

Fitness, life coach, and very Zen dude Preston Ephraim whips up cold-pressed juices, life-giving smoothies, bright blue spirulina bowls, and other raw, vegan treats out of a small shop in back-of-town Hamilton that he envisioned during an Om meditation. Before the universe guided him to this previously empty storefront, he ran a word-of-mouth juice cleanse business out of his kitchen.

28 Elliott St.
Hamilton, HM 10

50. Village Pantry

Village Pantry

The folks behind Devil’s Isle also run this scrumptious all-day eatery in cute and sleepy Flatts Village. The menu is diverse and super fresh — try the morcilla breakfast for a taste of what the island’s oft-overlooked Portuguese population brings to the table — and the design is thoughtful (families love the outdoor play area).

8 North Shore Rd.
Flatts Village, FL 03

51. Devil's Isle Cafe

Devil's Isle Cafe

Edison lightbulbs, cold brew, and a jam-packed seasonal menu (avocado toast on house-made bread, veggie-packed grain bowls, ramen, lobster with cassava chips) make this all-day cafe and restaurant feel straight outta Brooklyn. Show up for happy hour and commune with locals at the handsome bar.

19 Burnaby St.
Hamilton, HM 11

52. Hamilton Princess and Beach Club

Hamilton Princess and Beach Club

The hotel all your friends post about on Instagram. It’s big and pink and filled with art from all the heavy hitters: Koons, Kusama, Warhol, Banksy, Lichtenstein. Marcus Samuelson has one of three restaurants on site that makes for a great place to hang well into the off-season. Rent a Twizy in the parking lot or dock your yacht in the marina out back — it’s that kind of place.

76 Pitts Bay Rd.
Pembroke, HM 08

53. Coral Beach and Tennis Club

Coral Beach and Tennis Club

Forget about staying here. It’s an old-school members club, and you’ll need written referral from someone on the inside just to stay the night. But do make a point to check it out. The charmingly Colonial hotel lays claim to one of the best stretches of pink sand on Elbow Beach: Gain access by booking a spa appointment or snagging a restaurant reservation. The hotel’s cliffside dining options are legendary, as is their talkative resident parrot.

34 South Rd.
Paget, PG 04

54. Rosedon Hotel

Rosedon Hotel

This charmingly restored 1906 estate turned postcard-worthy 40-room boutique is peak old-world Bermuda. The royal blue awnings. The afternoon tea in the lobby. The artist-designed rooms and their four-poster beds. The lush back garden and pool brimming with bougainvillea. An acclaimed Southern-inspired restaurant, a jovial staff, and a prime address ten minutes from Hamilton center keep guests coming back.

61 Pitts Bay Rd.
Pembroke, HM 08

55. The Loren at Pink Beach

The Loren at Pink Beach

Bermuda’s sleekest and sexiest (and newest) boutique is dressed to impress. Public spaces are decked out in driftwood, worldly art, and tons of natural light. Rooms have floor-to-ceiling windows, terraces overlooking a pink sand beach, and oversized soaking tubs in a marble-heavy bathroom. Everything else, from the farm-to-table restaurant and its neighboring spiral glass staircase to the open-air eatery (which serves a mean burger) and the cliffside infinity pool, exudes a refreshingly new-to-Bermuda urban cool.

116 South Rd.
Tucker's Town, HS 01