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It's Pure Bliss in the Middle of the Caribbean

by Rory Doyle
All photos by Rory Doyle.

We sent photographer Rory Doyle to the Caribbean to capture the calm beauty of the lesser-known islands of Petit St. Vincent and Petit Martinique in the Grenadines. He dove in — literally — making friends with all sorts of locals, from soccer players to sailors to ghostly stingrays and swimming turtles.

PETIT ST. VINCENT – I am drawn to the collision of colors. Working in the Caribbean is a fun sort of chaos for me because of how colorful everything is in the tropics. My work often focuses on smaller "subcultures" that are overlooked. I think there's great knowledge to be gained from observing the under-observed, and I found plenty on the quiet, blissful, less-trodden islands around Petit St. Vincent.

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