Eye Candy

Giving Is Contagious at Burning Man 2015

by Alla Kostenko and Rus Kuznetsov

The "Compound Eye/I" art installation. Photo by Rus Kuznetsov.

Third time's a charm, or so the saying goes. Fathom readers and Burning Man devotees Rus Kuznetsov and Alla Kostenko headed back to Nevada's Black Rock Desert for their third visit to Burning Man, the annual festival/social experiment of temporary community and radical self-expression. The duo, authors of the travel blog Our Home World, recapped their experience in a #FathomTakeover on our Instagram account. Here, they delve deeper with even more groovy photos.

BURNING MAN, Nevada – On our first visit to Burning Man, we were more stunned tourists than full-fledged participants. On our second visit, we were almost entirely submerged and integrated within the festival's atmosphere and people. This year, our third visit, we knew what to expect. We went as observers — or explorers — ready to immerse ourselves all the way.

From our very first visit to Black Rock City, we were intrigued and amused with one of the event's main ideas: giving. Whether it is a sticker, a foot massage, an eccentric outfit, or a cool beverage, as long as you offer it with an open heart and no expectation of receiving anything back, you're doing what you're meant to be doing. This sets the atmosphere on the playa, and it is contagious.

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