Great Adventure

Debrief: Bruce Bromberg in South Africa

by Bruce Bromberg

A little drive on the Shamwari Game Reserve. Photo courtesy of Shamwari Game Reserve. 

It's New York City Wine and Food Festial weekend. We caught up with Blue Ribbon Restaurants co-founder Bruce Bromberg about his latest trip. Bruce will be making appearances at the festival — and co-hosting a party with FATHOM at the Slice of the Cosmopolitan, home of the excellent Blue Ribbon Sushi.

Name: Bruce Bromberg

Just back from: South Africa

Was it your first time? No, I go two or three times a year.

How long were you there? Ten days.

Why did you go? To see my wife's family. And we love it there.

Who were you with? My wife, Kerry, and my three-year-old daughter, Tanner.

How did you research the trip? I just went were I was told to go.

What did you do? Traveled through Cape Town and visited family in Port Elizabeth on the Eastern Cape.

This was especially great: Relaxing on the beach and swimming in the Indian Ocean.

But this wasn't: The 27 hours of travel it takes to get there.

Favorite meals: Lunch at Bayethe Lodge in the Shamwari Game Reserve. There is nothing like drinking good wine and eating game after an early morning game drive.

Favorite things you did: Game drive and relaxed with the family.

One place you didn't get to visit, but wanted to: Really want to see the Wild Coast, which stretches from New London to Durban. Next time.

I brought back a couple of strange bug bites. They eventually went away.

Where did you stay? With my in-laws.

How did you get around? Sea kayak, bicycle, car, and boat.

If you go back, what would you do differently? Stay longer. Too far for such a short trip.

Would you go back? I have no choice!!!

Any surprises? How fast a hippo can move if he is pissed off.

Kodak moment? Descending a 300-foot tall sand dune near Jeffreys Bay to one of the wildest and most beautiful beaches I have ever seen. Unfortunately, I had to climb back up.

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