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5 Yoga Moves to Help You Stay Limber While Flying

by Team Fathom
Airport Photo courtesy of Yoga on the Fly.

Being in an airport can be stressful. Likewise: cramming into an economy seat. If there’s a screaming baby on board, good lucking keeping a cool head. Sometimes, just sitting next to someone who’s having a bad day can build tension in the mind and body.

To help us decompress on future flights, Fathom co-founder Jeralyn Gerba asked Krista Bonura of Yoga on the Fly to come into our office and demo a few moves travelers can use to stay limber at the airport, on the plane, or in a hotel room. The company, which recently launched at Denver International Airport, aims to provide travelers with quiet space for exercise, meditation, and reflection. Their private mini-studios are equipped with yoga mats, props, noise-cancelling headphones, and iPads pre-loaded with guided routines. Namaste to that.

Watch: Yoga Moves You Can Do on an Airplane

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