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Upgrade Your Commute With These 10 Stylish Cycling Accessories

by Daniel Schwartz
Thousand Photo courtesy of Thousand.

If you live in an urban center, biking is, to put it plainly, the best form of transportation, like, ever. It's efficient, exhilarating, environmentally friendly, and, above all, flat-out fun, especially when it comes time to geek out on gear. (It happens to every cyclist eventually.) Whether they keep you safe, secure your goods, or just make riding a breeze, these polished biking accessories will do wonders to your commute — and your street style.

Brilliant Bicycle Co. L Train Commuter
Photo courtesy of Brilliant Bicycle Co.

Brilliant Bicycle Co. L Train Commuter

The lightweight, low-maintenance seven-speed is a (Brooklyn) commuter's dream. The grease-less belt drive can go for thousands of miles without a tune up. The brakes stop like there's no tomorrow. And the price tag is nothing to scoff at, considering the look and build quality. ($650)

Plume Mudguard
Photo courtesy of Plume Mudguard

Plume Recoiling Bicycle Mudguard

When your bike doesn't have fenders, this retractable guard keeps your behind dry when it's raining — and your frame sleek and sexy when it's not. ($35)

CLUG Bicycle Rack Storage System
Photo courtesy of CLUG.

CLUG Bicycle Rack Storage System

When you don't want your snazzy commuter sleeping on the street or taking up precious square feet in your apartment, mount this one-piece vertical bike rack on the wall, rest your front tire in the grip, and proceed to do the happy-go-lucky space-saving dance. ($19)

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TiGr Mini
Photo courtesy of TiGr.

TiGr Mini+

The sleek titanium alternative weighs less than a standard U-lock, stores snuggly on your frame, and secures your precious two-wheeler without compromising your clean aesthetic. ($99)

Spurcycle Bell
Photo courtesy of Spurcycle Bell.

Spurcycle Bell

A brass and stainless steel bell for grown-ups who want to clear paths reliably. ($49)

Thousand De Franc Cycling Gloves
Photo courtesy of Thousand.

Thousand De Franc Cycling Gloves

Keep your paws supple with these 1970s-inspired leather cycling gloves. Pair them with a matching helmet and kick your street style into high gear. ($36)

Search and State S1-A Riding Jersey
Photo courtesy of Search and State.

A tailored three-pocket cycling jersey that's luxurious enough to wear around town yet durable enough to get you through the most grueling of rides (even if that means to the office). Available in men and women cuts. (from $88)

Fyxation Leather Bicycle Wine Carrier
Photo courtesy of Fyxation.

Fyxation Leather Bicycle Wine Carrier

Arrive at your next dinner party with a bottle of booze fastened to your top tube. ($39)

Mission Workshop Helmsman Rolltop Duffle Bag
Photo courtesy of Mission Workshop.

Mission Workshop Helmsman Rolltop Duffle Bag

An outdoorsy bike bag for commuting, picnic packing, and transporting valuables without breaking your back. It's durable, weatherproof, expandable, and very portable. Sling it over your shoulder, toss it on like a backpack, or attach it to your front wheel rack. ($265)

Epic Bike Rides of the World
Photo courtesy of Lonely Planet.

Epic Bike Rides of the World

When the daily grind starts to get to you, set your sights on greener pastures. Plan a cycling adventure with Lonely Planet's illustrated guidebook, which covers 200 epic routes from France and Italy to Mongolia and Patagonia. ($19)

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