24 Best

24 Best Travel Photographers 2016

by Team Fathom

Photo by Elaine Li.

We combed. We compared. We critiqued. And we came up with this year's 24 Best Travel Photographers.

The latest installment of our 24 Best series highlights professional travel photographers from around the world, ranging in style, subject, process, perspective, and background. Some specialize in portraiture. Others scale skyscrapers for stunning points of view. Some stay put and work with communities. Others travel the world collecting memories. Pretty much all of them simply make us wonder, "HOW did they take that shot?"

Though their methods and motives differ, what they're doing is one and the same. Whether they're raising social awareness in marginalized communities in South Africa or freezing life during golden hour at the world's dreamiest destinations, they're telling stories. And damn fine ones at that.

We pulled this list together not only to spotlight some of the best talent in travel photography, but also to showcase our world through a different lens, both literally and figuratively. If these stories inspire you, perhaps they'll help you better tell your own.

We make every effort to ensure the information in our articles is accurate at the time of publication. But the world moves fast, and even we double-check important details before hitting the road.