The Roundup

Asheville Is for Everyone

by Team Fathom
Photo courtesy of Explore Asheville.

Presented in partnership with Explore Asheville.

Who should add Asheville to their must-visit list? You. And your best friend. Your parents. And your kids. And your trainer, babysitter, and college roommates. In other words, everyone interested in beautiful nature, great food and drink, artisanal craft, and good times will love it here.

Asheville Is for Foodies

The food scene in Asheville is one of the best in the United States, and that’s immediately clear when you consider the culinary scene around town. Here's a taste.

Asheville Is for Nature Lovers

When the gods were making the Earth, they were very generous with North Carolina, filling it with mountains and forests and flowers and wildlife. Smart government and private initiatives have since preserved the area, which is why Asheville is surrounded by a bounty of national and state parks. Mother Nature is waiting.

Asheville Is for Families

You can include the kids in just about everything you do around here, especially the special experiences totally tailor-made for families. Multi-generational fun awaits.

Asheville Is for Wellness Seekers

Whether you're doing a downward dog on a mountaintop, floating in an underground grotto, or meditating amid 30 tons of Himalayan salt, you'll leave Asheville feeling refreshed and renewed.

Asheville Is for Crafters and Makers

Asheville and the surrounding area has been a hotbed of creativity for more than a century. Glassblowing and woodworking. Ceramics and textiles. Jewelry and skincare. There's clearly something in the water here that draws makers and artisans, and keeps them crafting, dreaming, and creating.

Asheville Is for Music Buffs

The music scene in Asheville is thriving, earning raves from critics as one of the country’s best music towns. While the sonic roots may be bluegrass and Americana, headliners and newcomers perform everything – R&B, indie rock, classic rock, hip-hop, and more — at clubs, halls, and spaces both intimate and booming, indoors and out. Turn up the volume.

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