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Driver’s Ed: Figuring Out Ground Transportation

by Team Fathom

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Enterprise and the airport taxi line aren’t the only ways to get around while traveling. Here are a few of our favorite alternatives.

There are many ways to get around a new destination — take a taxi around a tight city, drive a rental across a spread-out area, and even rent an old Ford pickup (or vintage Aston Martin), when the road calls for it. But you won't always find the best (or cheapest) ride using traditional services, so we rounded up a few of our favorite alternatives to help you get around while traveling.

Jump in a Cab

Though surge pricing can be pesky and plenty of people swear by its competitor, Lyft, the ride-sharing app is incredibly reliable for comfortably covering short distances (or avoiding tricky transit connections) in more than 560 cities around the world. Uber doesn't service some U.S. airports, so check local forums (or this handy Wall Street Journal article) before relying on it.

Book a Black Car

For travelers looking for luxury and reliability, especially on rides from the airport, the black car service has a massive fleet of vehicles (from sedans to stretch limos) that can be booked in advance (online or on their app) in over 110 countries worldwide. They even offer hourly rates for that old-school chauffeur experience.

Rent a Unique Ride

One of our 24 Best Travel Apps 2016, the Airbnb for automobiles is one of the easiest ways to rent a unique, locally owned car in most major American cities. Cars range from from $20 per day Mini Coopers to snazzy Aston Martins, and many can be delivered direct to your hotel or airport for an additional fee.

Score a Rental Deal

Car Rental Express
A search engine for small, independent rental car companies that often offers similar models at lower prices than their big company competition. Coverage is worldwide, including many small cities in Europe and the United States, making it a resource for more than just budget travelers.

Cruise in an Audi

The app only rents the latest Audi A4s, and is perhaps the easiest way to secure a luxury car for a business trip or weekend getaway in select U.S. cities. Cars come complete with insurance, GPS, WiFi, and satellite radio, and are paid for and unlocked using your smartphone.

Fly in a Helicopter

Business travelers looking to rush out of town (or to their next meeting) can book a seat on a helicopter from American cities in the Northeast and southern Florida. Popular stops include Miami, the Hamptons, Nantucket, the Bahamas, NYC airports, and the Jersey Coast. High-rollers can take it a step further and charter a copter, seaplane, turboprop, or private jet to major destinations in the United States.


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