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Barbados Is a Secret Surfing Paradise

by Team Fathom

Heading straight for the wave. Photo by Brendan Burdzinski.

Fathom's film crew went to Barbados to capture an incredible surf scene that's been kept a secret for far too long.

BARBADOS – For a few days at the end of spring, in what's considered the last days of tourist season, Fathom's video crew spent time with the most recognizable faces in Barbadian surfing. We chased the tides with Josh and Jacob Burke, teens with incredible natural talent; set up camp on Bathsheba to catch 19-year-old pro shredder Chelsea Tuach; and tooled around with surf veteran Brian Talma (and his gaggle of water babies), who showed us the best beaches on the island for novice wave riders, extreme paddle boarders, and kite surfers.

Director Rob Corso, cameraman Brendan Burdzinski, and Fathom co-founder Jeralyn Gerba were up and down with the sun, scouting the islands in circles, filming from craggy cliffs, shacking up at easy beachside lodges, and making nice with locals along the way. What they discovered and ultimately captured on film is not Party Time Barbados or Bourgeois Barbados but One with the Elements Barbados — which might just be the very best version of Barbados there is.


Barbados Is a Secret Surfing Paradise from Fathom on Vimeo.
Directed by Rob Corso. Find him on Twitter and Instagram.


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