Eye Candy

Bahamas Dry Forest Illustrated

by Erik Gauger

Yellowtail Snappers are native to the eastern Atlantic Ocean. All art by Erik Gauger

Armed with his nib pen, markers, and watercolor travel set, Erik Gauger records all his trips through gorgeous and educational illustrations. Click on the photo above to see his sketches from the dry forest of the Bahamas.

BAHAMAS, The Caribbean – I visited the Abaco Islands last winter for a reunion, where 30 of us were greeted with strong, ripping winds which negated our plans to stay immersed in the water, snorkeling and spearfishing all day. In light of the weather, I suggested that anybody should feel welcome to join me in exploring the interior of the islands. I couldn't muster the others to join me, but on my own I discovered dozens of new wildernesses on the island, including hauntingly beautiful azure mangroves, vast pineyards, and dense, unexplored coppice.