A Few Days In

Vegas. I Did It All

by Rima Suqi
Photo: stephendepolo / Flickr

You may think Vegas is all poker chips and strippers. Oh no. New York style and travel writer Rima Suqi found the real action: the machine guns, the race cars, the off-roading, the killer kobe meatballs. When she went to Las Vegas, she said yes to everything: snakeskin pedicures, machine guns, bulldozers, race cars, mafia wire taps, spa treatments, and extra dessert.

LAS VEGAS – I recently spent a week in Vegas. You read that correctly. Seven days in Sin City — and I'm a girl who doesn't gamble or go to clubs and has no desire to imbibe blue frozen drinks from plastic containers that resembles bongs or sunbathe topless poolside with a hundred of my closest friends.

Turns out there are plenty of ways to occupy yourself here, even after taking the obvious Vegas activities out of the equation. Warning: None of it comes cheap. So bring a high roller....or aim to become one.

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