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The 24 Best Travelers on Instagram 2017

by Team Fathom

Photo by Benjamin Everett, @bejamin.

Whether you love it, hate it, or fall somewhere in between, it's easy to agree that Instagram is the best social network for travel inspiration. From city-centric photographers capturing the daily grind in their hometown to digital nomads traveling the world one country at a time, the photo sharing platform helps us keep track of the most up-and-coming destinations (is everyone in Montana right now?) and of-the-minute travel intel (hello, outlandish ice cream concoctions).

For the 2017 edition of the 24 Best Travelers on Instagram, we filtered through hundreds of feeds to bring you a new list of people to follow around the world. Load up your feed, and get ready for hours and hours of double-tapping love.

Nick Nemechek Instagram

Nick Nemechek

Based in: Brooklyn, New York
What we love: The mostly black, white, and gray color scheme makes sense if you are familiar with Nemecheck's minimalist furniture company TRNK. A resident of Brooklyn, the Instagrammer showcases the borough's ever-changing landscape and classical architecture, along with NYC highlights like the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Washington Square Park Monument, and Russ & Daughters.
Last seen: Exploring the streets of Copenhagen.
Follow: @nick_nemechek

Dans Moe Instagram

Daniel Taipale

Based in: Finland
What we love: Whether it's the highlands of Mufindi in Tanzania or snowy Senja Island in Norway, the photographer always appears to be off on a far-flung adventure. Primarily focused on nature and landscapes, Taipale's real talent lies in capturing a destination's quiet side.
Last seen: Taking a dip in the icy waters of Slovenia's Lake Bohinj.
Follow: @dansmoe

Cocu Liu Instagram

Cocu Lu

Based in: San Francisco
What we love: The city-centric photographer has a knack for capturing unique angles of everyday life in cities across the globe. Both dark and moody, the images give followers a sense of what it might look like if they were to pack up their bags and call a new place home.
Last seen: Catching the sunset in New York City.
Follow: @cocu_liu

Victor Cheng Instagram

Victor Cheng

Based in: Hong Kong
What we love: Striking backgrounds with small people designed to give the viewer perspective is the name of the game for Cheng. We're especially fond of his aerial shots that reduce landscapes into colorful and geometric patterns.
Last seen: Making his way around the metropolis that is Guangzhou, China.
Follow: @veeceecheng

David Krugman Instagram

Dave Krugman

Based in: Brooklyn
What we love: The avid street and portrait photographer's iPhone-only side-account is brimming with personal, untitled accounts of life as it happens in New York City. Much like the work on his main account, they are raw, rousing, and thought-provoking.
Last seen: Photographing a safari in midtown Manhattan.
Follow: @secretstreet

Paola Franqui Instagram

Paola Franqui

Based in: New York City
What we love: Her freeze-frame images capture a sense of stillness, solemnity, and quiet intimacy — even in chaotic cities like Venice, Havana, and Buenos Aires. A cool color palette and an eye for organic moments help her do the trick.
Last seen: Taking street portraits in Buenos Aires.
Follow: @monaris_

Loic Lagarde Instagram

Loïc Lagarde

Based in: Paris
What we love: Lagarde's bright, golden photographs practically jump off the screen. Quite a feat, considering his subjects are usually Europe's most photogenic bucket list destinations.
Last seen: Playing with perspective in Kazakhstan.
Follow: @loic80l

Jacintha Verdegaal Instagram

Jacintha Verdegaal

Based in: The Netherlands
What we love: To follow the Dutch travel blogger is to share in her global discoveries. Scrolling through her grid, expect to find secret courtyards in Boston, boutique museums in Paris, and hipster cafes in Kuala Lumpur (and Sydney, London, and San Francisco).
Last seen: Strolling the bridges of Amsterdam.
Follow: @urbanpixxels

Anne Cui Instagram

Anne Cui

Based in: New York, Hong Kong, and San Francisco
What we love: The frequent flier's love of art, architecture, and design becomes immediately obvious once you start scrolling through her feed. It's overflowing with colorful and well-composed shots from her many adventures, including jaunts to Namibia, Sri Lanka, and the American West.
Last Seen: Marveling at Singapore storefronts.
Follow: @anneparavion

Hiroaki Fukuda Instagram

Hiroaki Fukuda

Based in: Tokyo
What we love: Eye-catching architectural details, dynamic street portraits, and stunning shots of Japan and the world at large make us wish we were standing right there with him.
Last Seen: Snapping scenes in Japan's Yamagata Prefecture.
Follow: @hirozzzz

Ali Berrada Instagram

Ali Berrada

Based in: Morocco
What we love: The travel and documentary photographer's work deviates from standard Instagram clichés with thought-provoking cinematic depictions of life in his home country and farther east.
Last Seen: Meandering through the Medina in Marrakech.
Follow: @ali_berrada

Davide Molica Instagram

Davide Molica

Based in: Palermo
What we love: His captions may be in Italian, but his dreamy shots of Sicily and cities farther up the boot need no translation. Photographs of stately villas, historic streets, and calming seaside scenes convey La Dolce Vita at its finest.
Last Seen: At the pier in La Cala, Palermo.
Follow: @il_mastromatto

Matt Gee Instagram

Matt Gee

Based in: Los Angeles
What we love: His minimalist landscape photos of Southern California and beyond put us at ease, inspire wonder, and make us want to jump through our screens and into the great outdoors.
Last Seen: At sunset in White Sands National Park.
Follow: @mattbg

Christoffer Collin Instagram

Christoffer Collin

Based in: Sweden
What we love: Warm, welcoming, and often melancholic images of the European countryside keep us (not to mention his 1.3 million other followers) inspired by the wonders of the Old World.
Last Seen: Serendaing summer in Sandviken.
Follow: @wisslaren

Noora Instagram


Based in: Dubai
What we love: Her clean, well-composed, geometrical iPhone photos are often punctuated by figures clad in traditional dress with their backs to us, giving her portraits of life in the United Arab Emirates a mystical quality.
Last Seen: On the streets of Sharjah.
Follow: @nooora91

The curious pear instagram

The Curious Pear

Based in: London, England
What we love: The writing and photography duo are best friends who cover the world of food for publications like Suitcase and Food52. In addition to showcasing beautiful photographs with detailed captions, each post consists of a diptych, pairing two very different images on the same topic together.
Last seen: Eating, drinking, and shopping in Gothenburg, Sweden.
Follow: @thecuriouspear

Lost in the forrest instagram

Forrest Winants Smith

Based in: Portland, Oregon
What we love: Scrolling through the nature-loving photographer's feed is like inhaling a breath of fresh air. Tree-covered mountains, charming log cabins, and wildlife images are in heavy rotation, but somehow they never get old.
Last seen: Taking a dip in a hidden hot spring in the Pacific Northwest.
Follow: @lostintheforrest

Days of Mr Gray Instagram

Mark Gray

Based in: Copenhagen
What we love: The mix of aerial shots taken with his drone and good old-fashioned taken-on-the-ground photographs makes for an interesting composition when scrolling through Gray's feed. There's a subtle moodiness to his photos that we enjoy, along with a seamless intertwining of city shots and landscapes.
Last seen: Traveling around the Faroe Islands.
Follow: @daysofmrgray

Jesso Instagram

Jessamine B

Based in: Hong Kong
What we love: The sometimes-blogger enjoys showcasing images from her travels to places like Japan, Helsinki, and the Philippines, but we're especially fond of the everyday photos taken in her adopted hometown.
Last seen: Visiting the Marimekko factory in Helsinki, Finland.
Follow: @jesso

Jessica Jungbauer

Jessica Jungbauer

Based in: Berlin
What we love: The writer/photographer's feed is full of inspiration in the form of light, breezy, true-to-color editorial scenes from her travels around Europe and beyond. Prepare to scroll past sidewalk cafes in Antwerp, sun-drenched scenes in Sydney, and tons of top-notch Berlin interiors.
Last Seen: Coming off a great dinner in Mallorca.
Follow: @jessicajungbauer

Local milk instagram

Beth Kirby

Based in: Chattanooga, Tennessee
What we love: Feminine and delicate, the stylist and photographer's photos are a mix of ethereal kitchen scenes, too-good-to-be-true travel images, and the occasional family photo. Pay close attention: She has a talent for finding nicely designed apartment rentals in every city she visits.
Last seen: Imagining what it might be like to relocate to Marrakech.
Follow: @local_milk

Benjamin instagram

Benjamin Everett

What we love: A soothing stream of inspiring and minimalistic landscapes that makes us want to get out of the city and into nature. We don't always know where Everett is, but we know we'd like to go there.
Last seen: Reminiscing in the San Juan Islands.
Follow: @bejamin

Mijn grid Instagram

Sisilia Tiseli

Based in: Amsterdam
What we love: Charming snapshots of Tiseli's everyday life showcase her hometown in the Netherlands and her jaunts to other European cities like Paris, Copenhagen, and Hamburg.
Last seen: Feeling the salty breeze on the North Sea in Domburg, Netherlands.
Follow: @mijn.grid

Diloharm instagram

Dilara Harmanci

What we love: We don't know much about the photographer, but her recent coverage of Japan has captured our attention, leaving us excited to see what country comes next.
Last seen: Dining at one of our favorite Tokyo restaurants.
Follow: @diloharm


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