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11 Fun Gifts to Give Your Summer Hosts

by Team Fathom
Expand your generosity beyond a bottle of rosé. Photo by Allison Huang/Unsplash.

Thank your lucky stars you have a friend with a beach house or a cottage in the woods or a backyard pool. Show them your gratitude with one of these fun, summery gifts that make being outside even more enjoyable.

Photo courtesy of Pottery Barn.

Outdoor Movie Screen

Turn your backyard into a slice of cinematic paradise with a jumbo (nine-foot) weatherproof screen and easy-to-assemble steel frame. Add a projector, a few blankets, and some popcorn, and invite the neighborhood over for movie night. ($245)

Photo courtesy of Solo Stove.

Smokeless Fire Pit

SoloStove's steel drum captures and contains wood bonfires for an ultra-efficient burn. Available in three sizes (1-3, 4-6, or 7+ people), its roaring fires will last well into the evening. (From $200)

Photo courtesy of Polar Box.

Retro Cooler

A vintage-looking Polar Bear carrier will keep those cans nice and cold. ($50)

Photo courtesy of Diptyque.

Sophisticated Citronella Candle

Perfuming and mosquito repelling in the chic Diptyque way. ($70)

Photo courtesy of Anthropologie.

USB Candle Lighter

Flameless, butane-free, LED, and designed to last forever. ($24)

Photo courtesy of Lomi.

Clever Composter at the Push of a Button

Let the worries of leftovers go with Lomi's activated charcoal composter. Turn your food scraps into soil and reduce your trash by up to 80 percent — no mess, no smell, no sweat. ($500)

Skincare Powerhouse

If they focuses more on others than themselves (one more reason you love them), your host will be extra grateful for the Signature Set from Vintner's Daughter's — an effective and luxurious skincare duo of Active Treatment Essence and Active Botanical Serum, considered by the beauty elite as some of the best products ever. ($420)

Photo courtesy of Top Trumps.

Hamptons Monopoly Board

Advance to Cooper's Beach or try and buy the Long Island Rail Road while playing this iconic game with your iconic East End crowd. ($40)

Photo courtesy of Leif.

Seagrass Pitcher

Fill 'er up with ice cold lemonade or a giant batch of frosty margaritas and pour yourself a tall glass of summertime. ($48)

Photo courtesy of Leif.

Lemon-Fresh Table Runner

Throw down Leif's Jaipur-printed textile on your table, and you can practically smell the citrus. ($68)

Photo courtesy of Retro Spec.

Huntington Beach Bicycle Cruiser

These durable bikes are single speed with cushioning tires and a simple break and come in a variety of chill colors like Matcha, Sunflower, and Violet Haze. (From $330)

Be the Favorite House Guest

Bring a quirky game the whole group can play.

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