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Things We’re Summer Loving — Vol. 9

by Team Fathom

Your new favorite travel companion. Photo courtesy of Stamba Travel.

In an effort to uncover the best in travel, we spend a lot of time traversing the world — and the world wide web. Here are the goods we can't stop thinking and talking about this month.

Sunnylife Lobster Pool Float

Photo courtesy of Sunnylife.

Sunnylife Lobster Pool Float

One day I'll finally make it back to Maine. Until then, I'll invest in a totally kitschy, absolutely cheesy, oh-so-fun, lobster float for this scorcher of a summer. Allergic to seafood? No biggie, the good folks from Down Under (Sunnylife is a Sydney-based company) also came up with a cactus and a pineapple you can throw into the pool. ($60) – Becky, contributing editor

Photo courtesy of Zuri.

Zuri Dress

This new Kenyan brand marries two of my favorite sartorial concepts: simple uniforms + wild patterns. There's one dress silhouette cut in tons of beautiful and bold African textiles. Ethically and sustainably made, they evoke good design, plain and simple. The name even means "good" in Swahili. ($145) – Jeralyn, editorial director

Follain Go-Clean Kit

Photo courtesy of Follain.

Follain Body Care Kit

With summer travels just around the corner, I'm restocking my collection of toiletries with travel-friendly products that won't get confiscated on my way to the airport gate. Follain, my go-to for natural beauty products, is making it super easy with their go-clean kits. Themed around skin type, each kit includes products from a variety of brands and comes in a handsome green travel pouch. ($35) – Berit, editor

Stamba Travel

Photo courtesy of Stamba Travel.

Stamba Travel Supplements

On the road, I take my health seriously. A few capsules keep things copacetic. How, you ask? Maca root and cordyceps ease jetlag, freeze-dried Hawaiian ginger and plant enzymes prevent motion sickness, and raw cacao and camu camu make the journey, well, more joyful. ($45) – Kate, contributing editor

Husk Mill Cacao Tea

Photo courtesy of The Husk Mill.

The Husk Mill's Cacao Tea

When I was in Australia a few weeks ago, I discovered an unexpectedly delicious tea made from cacao husks and Madagascan vanilla beans. Don't ask me how much I paid for a bag. And don't make me think about how much it will cost to replenishing my supply. If you're headed Down Under, pick up a bag. If you want me to love you forever, pick one up for me. ($23AUD). – Pavia, CEO

Cutwater Spirits Gin and Tonic

Photo courtesy of Cutwater Spirits.

Cutwater Spirits Canned Cocktails

Now that I know San Diego-based Cutwater Spirits use their own award-winning booze and house-made mixers in cans, you best believe I'll be bringing a sophisticated six pack to the beach this summer. ($15 per four pack) – Daniel, editorial assistant

Illesteva Leonard II Mask Sunglasses

Photo courtesy of Illesteva.

Illesteva Leonard II Mask Sunglasses

Besides stocking up on sunscreen, straw hats, and flip flops every summer, I also have a (bad) habit of looking for a new pair of sunnies to kick off the season. The made-in-Italy sunglasses caught my eye for their totally rimless lenses and mirrored finish. ($190) – Becky

Loomstead Washed Linen Sheet Set

Photo courtesy of Loomstead.

Loomstead Linen Sheet Set

There's nothing quite like a good night's sleep in a beautiful hotel room — something I'm constantly trying to recreate in my own home. A nice lavender linen spray or a fluffy comforter are both good starts, but I'm convinced it's the luxurious sheets that really make a difference. I'm upgrading my standard cotton set for linen bedding from Loomstead. Made from 100% Belgian linen, the sheets are super soft and airy, which is ideal for warm summer nights. They are also surprisingly affordable. ($129) – Berit

Who Is Rich

Photo courtesy of Random House.

"Who Is Rich?" 

I'll be crossing the Atlantic next week, and I can't wait for uninterrupted time with Matthew Klam's first novel. If you read Sam the Cat, his fantastic collection of stories published seventeen years ago, you'll know why I'm so psyched. ($27) – Pavia

Wonder Valley Turmeric Striped Towel

Photo courtesy of Wonder Valley.

Wonder Valley Tumeric Striped Towel

The motto is simple: Turkish towels for life. But especially this on-trend "tumeric" goldie from the hip folks at Joshua Tree's Wonder Valley. It's made of 100% organic bamboo and natural dyes sans yucky chemicals and faux materials. ($95) – Kate

Insten Portable USB Mist Fan

Photo courtesy of Insten.

Insten Portable Handheld USB Mini Misting Fan

New York City's latest heat wave had me thinking about ways to keep cool this summer — not just at home with the A/C cranked up, but in crowds, on my commute, and farther afield. I came across this funny little misting fan, which can fit in my backpack, charge on my computer, and hit me with a hydrating blast of cool no matter where I am. ($17) – Daniel

Cocoship Retro Red Floral Print High Waist Bikini Swimsuits

Photo courtesy of Cocoship.

Cocoship Retro Swimsuit

I can't wait to hit the beach this summer in a sexy, vintage-style swimsuit. Normally I would go for a simple bikini in a solid color, but this retro floral print caught my eye. ($23) – Helena, intern


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