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Currency Exchange - currency conversion (with apps for iPhone, iPad, Android, BlackBerry)

Quick Money Essentials

Should I change money before I get to a foreign country?
No. You’ll get better rates in the country whose currency you want.

Where should I change money?
ATM machines are amazing: They're ubiquitous, always open, and consistently offer the best exchange rates. Most banks charge small fee for using foreign ATMs, but they're still the way to go when you consider the upside: convenience, not carrying around wads of cash or having to deal with travelers checks. Never get money at Travelex airport kiosks unless you're desperate for cash. (And there's no need to feel desperate: Airports have ATMs.)

I hate seeing "foreign transaction fee" on my credit card statement.
Everyone does. If you do a lot of overseas travel, it's worth signing up for a credit card that doesn't charge such fees and using that when you travel. Call your bank and ask, but excellent options include Capital One and American Express. If you fly often with one airline, get more bang from your loyalty and purchases with a card like British Airways Visa Signature.

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