Postcards tagged: Worth the Trek

How to Get Married in Bora Bora

BORA BORA – Four standout resorts for wedding ceremonies, all of which include bungalows over water, white sand beaches, and innumerable adventures (if your heart desires). No bridezillas here.

Uganda on Safari: The Pearl of Africa

This is proper African jungle, and as the sun sets, villagers will take to the waters to cast their fishing nets and malachite kingfishers will lace figure eights in the skies above you.

A Grain of Sand in the Empty Quarter

RUB' AL KHALI, United Arab Emirates – Before long, I was restless to start the journey up the dune, which sat quietly taunting me. A reader story.

Just Back From: Kerala

KERALA, India – Any surprises? A mouse found its way into my bag and spent the night gnawing at a bag of peanuts I had from our flight. I released him back into the sea of rubber trees from which he came.

Antarctica: Vast White Wilderness

ROSS ICE SHELF, ANTARCTICA – You are so disoriented, there is nothing to give you a sense of scale (except your own body), and so you forget that you exist in order to be transformed by the frozen desert.

How to Get into North Korea

NORTH KOREA – You made your way into one of the most bizarre places on earth. Did you remember to pack an open mind?

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