Postcards tagged: We're Not in Kansas Anymore

I'll Have the Donkey Sandwich, Please

BEIJING, China – As we traveled through Central Asia, we sampled sturgeon roe, honey cake, quark fritters, cherry cordial, chicken heart, fried bees, milk tea, and horse meat soup. 

Where to Go to Escape the Apocalypse

When the zombies strike — oh and they will! — you'll need a plan. Here's the ultimate escape list of hideouts on the high seas, in the mountains, and up in trees.

On the Road in Tajikistan

KHOROG, Tajikistan – Recent clashes between the government and rebels have ended violently, but this Central Asian melting pot has always been a place of extremes and co-existence.

On the Road: Oman

KHASAB, Oman – There's a petrol station, an airstrip (no international flights yet), a few restaurants, and a population of 18,000, though we count only four people. 

Kenya Diaries, Part 2: From the Ground Up

LAKE VICTORIA, Kenya – Lots of speeches, a warm Fanta, and several songs later, we had us a brand new school, with gleaming desks, fresh books, and a library in the works. 

Kenya Diaries, Part 1: Samburu Hokey Pokey

NAIROBI, Kenya – Four years ago, standing in the blazing sun in the middle of the African desert, I looked a Samburu tribeswoman in the eye and promised her we would build a school for her children.

Please Don't Eat the Donkeys

TIBET – Official instructions warned "to not eat dog, donkey, and horse in Tibet." It's one of those things where you didn't know you wanted it until someone told you that you couldn't have it. Now all I want to do as soon as I get back to New York is to hit my favorite grilled donkey stand.

First Impressions: Sarajevo

SARAJEVO – It's battered reputation doesn't even begin to hint at the simple, rugged beauty of the country or its capital city's enchanting blend of Ottoman exoticism and European elegance.

Plan Your Trip: Two Weeks in Tajikistan

TAJIKISTAN – For true bragging rights, visit the former Soviet republic. It's the belly button of the world: rich in natural resources, but very poor and haunted by its past and present conflicts.

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