Postcards tagged: We Love a Good Yarn

Oui! A Feast in Southwest France

SAVERDUN, France – Everyone knew everyone. When the president made his toast, it ended in a nearly-naked conga line followed by a brass band that serenaded each lady in turn. (Ah, the French.)

Night Falls in Africa

OUAGANDOUGOU, Burkina Faso – My friends and I wanted to hear some music and drink some beer because we wanted to chill a bit after the previous night's exorcism.

Chance Encounter at Anne Frank House

AMSTERDAM, Holland – She was struggling to keep it together. She remembered reading Anne's diary when she was young, longing for a happy ending.

The Sweet Soldiers at the Royal

LONDON, England – We had initially been amazed by the architectural history, but found the Royal Hospital full of living history as well, of old soldiers waiting to share their stories.

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