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Around the World in 547 Days

SOMEWHERE ON EARTH – Imagine quitting your job and hitting the road for more than a year. These two modern nomads are living the gridskiping dream, and we have the photos to prove it. 

Ask Fathom: The Doctor Is Back In

Food poisoning. Jellyfish stings. Unidentifiable insect bites. Millions of floating bacteria and viruses. W have quick fixes for all your travel ailments.

Ask Fathom: I'm Sick. What Now?

Nothing is worse than being ill away from home. When should you go to an emergency room? Can you trust the hotel doctor? Will travel insurance help? Dr. Mark Melrose delivers the medical 411. 

The Deal with Global Entry

While you're waiting to clear US immigration, Stephanie March is speeding by through the Global Entry kiosk on her way to a cheeseburger. She explains how she became a convert, and how you can, too.

India Essentials: Know Before You Go

We're kicking off India Week on Fathom with the basics. Top of the list: More than hotels and itineraries and vaccinations, what you need in India is the right set of expectations.

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