Postcards tagged: Touristy But Terrific

Hello, Roma, My Old Friend

ROME – Eiffel Tower? Went up when I was seven. Tower of London? Check. Coliseum? Of course. But what do I really remember? Maybe my child-size visits weren’t enough for a lifetime.

The Real New York Underground

HOWES CAVE, New York – The place is amazing, 156 feet below the surface of the earth with stalagmites, stalactites, and an infinity of other crazy formations.

Just Back From: Bermuda

BERMUDA – The island is covered in tropical plants and brightly painted cottages with white roofs. Lemon yellow, peach, salmon pink — even the churches come in sea-foam green and turquoise.

Family Heaven. With Sand and Tacos.

TULUM, Mexico – After a bumpy drive down a dirt road, a motorboat took us through nine different ecosystems. (Amazing!) Pristine, untouched, and beautiful nature at its best. 

What's in a Word? Limerick

The master of the limerick form was Edward Lear, a superb zoological draftsman and ethereal painter of Eastern landscapes who is, ironically, best remembered for his verse and comic line drawings.

A Merry Band of Greek Tourists Out to Sea

PAROS, GREECE – He had nightmares about being trapped in the middle of the ocean with tourists, traditional music, and myth reenactments. But it was too late. I reserved two tickets for the next day's ride.

I Have One Day

Who said one day isn't enough to get a feel for the city? Our classic touristy single-day itinerary takes you from the Changing of the Guard to an oyster lunch and before-bed espresso.

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