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Detoxing in Miami. Of All Places.

MIAMI – They wanted a healthy getaway. They found it in Miami Beach. Yes, really. At The Standard Spa, health is not an afterthought. It's a yoga-massage-pool-hamam lifestyle.

Ask Fathom: How Can I Work Out on the Road?

GUEST ROOM, Anywhere – Oh no. You ate your weight in Thanksgiving stuffing and your gym is at home. Here's a 20-minute workout that you can do anywhere. Welcome back to feeling normal.

Cool Ranch

MALIBU, California – Could I do a pull-up? Was the world going to fall apart when I didn’t email it back in fifteen seconds? Would people text me? Six days of luxury bootcamp at The Ranch.

Ask Fathom: The Doctor Is Back In

Food poisoning. Jellyfish stings. Unidentifiable insect bites. Millions of floating bacteria and viruses. W have quick fixes for all your travel ailments.

The Health Guru's NYC Dining Guide

NEW YORK CITY – Whether you're coming off a debaucherous Fashion Week high or feeling a little self-consciously low, pocket this list of restaurants, to-go shops, and juice bars for healthy kicks.

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