Postcards tagged: Thailand

Just Back From: Thailand

I needed a pink bathing suit. It's all I'll swim in. I tried to get one in NYC, but it turns out pink is a seasonal color. It's year-round for me. Thankfully, they're more sensible in Bangkok.

Under the Knife in Koh Samui

KOH SAMUI, Thailand – While other travelers to paradise were having plastic surgery, James Sturz decided to carve the flesh of fruits instead.

5-Star Vacation, 2-Star Prices

If planned and executed properly, chasing the storm gives you the benefit of taking a dream vacation and helping to revive a local economy. Not a bad proposition.

Elephants and Wine. Really.

HUA HIN, Thailand – Wineries in Southeast Asia? Yes. New latitude wines are unexpected in so many ways. Just try taking an elephant ride through a Bordeaux vineyard.

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