Postcards tagged: Street Food

Austin's East Side King

AUSTIN – Paul Qui had invented a dish that he knew would drive the drunk crowd nuts: deep-fried roasted beets dusted with shichimi and dressed with kewpie mayo. Beets? For real.

To Market on the Spice Road

The smell of baking bread fills the air and the scent of spices tickle the nose. Alleys twist and turn in every direction to picturesque mosques and tucked away khans. A reader story.

Paris in a Pita

PARIS, France – There's more to Paris than coffee and croissants, fine wines and soufflés. You simply must make room for falafel.

I Want Chinese for Breakfast

SHANGHAI, China – An American discovers the ultimate, life-redefining breakfast in China. Now how can he recreate it back home in New York?

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