Postcards tagged: Singapore

Links We Love: 7/12/14

THE INTERNET – Literary city guides, 1920s beach lingo, and an interactive design project for peeping Toms.

Humbled by the King of Fruit

GEYLANG, Singapore – She finds the world's stinkiest piece of fruit. And then eats it. On purpose. What the hell was she thinking?

Homesick for Singapore's Hawker Fare

SINGAPORE – Coconut jam with toast for breakfast, chili crab for lunch, sambal stingray for dinner, and frog leg porridge for supper? All in a diehard Singapore foodie's day.

Little Black Book: Singapore

SINGAPORE – Looking for heritage shophouses, fluffy tau sar pau, and a Brazilian bikini wax? Navigate the bustling city-state on the tip of the Malay Peninsula with native Cynthia Chau.

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