Postcards tagged: Sheer Gluttony

Brawn and Brains

LONDON – Everything about Brawn is genteel, friendly, cozy, and fun. The bar is decorated with a birdcage and fake parakeet; cookbooks share space with wine bottles on the shelves. The young mix with the old, the hipsters with the stodgy.

The Mean Sweets of New York

NEW YORK CITY, USA – You will find yourself in Chinatown, and you will see a bakery, and you will grab an eggy cloud of goodness with a flaky crust. You don't want to know how they make it so good, or why it costs about a dollar, but it will make you very, very happy.

The 72-Hour Food Tour of Austin

TEXAS, USA – Barbecue. Tacos. Margaritas. Pancakes. More margaritas. Jalapeño poppers. You may want to discover the rest of Austin's sites, but if all you do is eat, you'll go home mighty happy. 

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