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Links We Love: 4/19/14

THE INTERNET – Ai Weiwei in Brooklyn, a new travel magazine, Instagram workouts, and the oldest living things in the world.

Sicily and the Single Girl

SICILY – It's for lovers of food, wine, culture, beaches, volcanoes, flirty people, gelato, blood red oranges, stunning vistas, and country roads that are impossible to navigate with GPS.

The Tropical Beach House Nightmare

BARU, Colombia –  At 5 a.m., we find every abandoned beach dog in town cowering in our living room, along with our caretaker, desperately trying to catch airborne patio furniture.

InstaTrip: Island Hopping From Maui to Bali

INSTAGRAM – In our weekly roundup of our favorite Instagrams, we take you from the white beaches in French Polynesia to the cliffside villas of Sicily to the clear blue waters of Bali.

A Serengeti Sonnet

SERENGETI, Tanzania – If the rain comes, they will all start to drop. So they run. Some give birth as they run. Run for their lives. 

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