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Postcards tagged: Portugal

InstaTrip: European Treats

INSTAGRAM – Bound for Europe and hungry for traditional fare? Get a taste of what will be on your plate.

A Minibar Christmas

LISBON – I see a homeless guy masturbating. The same guy who yesterday I would have bet was having sex under his blanket. Well, why not? It's free. And it's Christmas. Small pleasures.

A Man on a Mission. For Tiles.

SEVILLE and LISBON – "When they hear your English, they think 'rich tourist' and won't bargain. Let me talk." When a man's on a mission to shop, he leaves no tile unturned.

For the Love of the Dog

GUATEMALA – I was hellbent on delivering this beast to domesticated safety in Seattle. My boyfriend expected coffee. I brought home a feral street dog from a developing country.  

The Secret Life of Fado

LISBON, Portugal – She put her soul into the performance, bringing the restaurant to tears. I couldn't understand the words, but I could feel how much Matilda ached.

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