Postcards tagged: On the Road

Airstreaming Across America

THE WEST – It felt like entering a brand-new airplane that was ours for the week. A Gulfstream was out of reach, but an Airstream could squeeze into a budget.

Eye Candy: Family Road Trip in the Andes

PERU AND CHILE – The sky changed from heavy gray to a dazzling display of faceted jewel tones. Rubies and topaz and amethyst and tanzanite set behind mountain peaks glimmered in the thin air.

Ask Fathom: How Can I Work Out on the Road?

GUEST ROOM, Anywhere – Oh no. You ate your weight in Thanksgiving stuffing and your gym is at home. Here's a 20-minute workout that you can do anywhere. Welcome back to feeling normal.

New Shop: Road Trip

Everything you need to hit the road and a few things that might come in handy wherever you choose to stop. 

On the Road: Mexico City, Day 3

MEXICO CITY – Two bites into the tuna tostada, Julie declared Contramar, "oh my god, the best restaurant in the world right now."

On the Road: Mexico City, Day 2

MEXICO CITY – What should have been a 45-minute stroll took two hours, even with my detailed map. (Okay, two maps.) But the hunt made the finds that much better.

U.S. Road Trips: The Midwest

THE MIDWEST – Pack up and hit the highway with this list of weekend road trip destinations from Michigan to Wisconsin.

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