Postcards tagged: Notable Spa

Detoxing in Miami. Of All Places.

MIAMI – They wanted a healthy getaway. They found it in Miami Beach. Yes, really. At The Standard Spa, health is not an afterthought. It's a yoga-massage-pool-hamam lifestyle.

Lake Austin Spa Resort: The Treatment

AUSTIN, Texas – The award for Best Class goes to ABS-olutely Paddle Board, combining boarding with core workouts. Due to a complete lack of coordination, I didn't brave it, but it sounds fun.

The Dog Digs the Spa

SANTA FE, NEW MEXICO – Reader Chrisine Gillow sends a Postcard about an amazing day with her beloved pooch at Ten Thousand Waves spa.

Bathing Rituals of an Alpine Spa

VALS, SWITZERLAND – I recommend you try Switzerland for a good bath. To be more precise: an internationally celebrated, meticulously designed, town-owned thermal bath in an Alpine commune.

Yo Amo Mii Amo

SEDONA, Arizona – Crystals figure prominently in the Mii Amo journey — this is Sedona, after all. Every morning, you “set your intentions for the day” in the Crystal Grotto while staring at a rock sculpture. I committed to leaving my Type-A at home, and I got on board.

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