Postcards tagged: Music to Your Ears

New Orleans Is Music to My Ears

Eclectic jazz pianist Eddie Bo has a great quote that goes, "If you smoke a cigarette, they’ll have a parade for it. Then if you die from the cigarette, they’ll be a parade for that too."

Reggae Tones in Jamaica

JAMAICA –  But even the most astute stoner must gain some enhanced state of consciousness knowing that this is the weed that launched a thousand reggae careers.

Offbeat Trinidad and Tobago

TRINIDAD – Instead of sounding like a cornball cruise ship outfit or bootleg Jimmy Buffet concert, it's like seeing Barry White and the Love Unlimited Orchestra bang out long, progressive pieces of complex music. 

11 Things You Have to Do in Portland

PORTLAND, Oregon – Beth Riesgraf of TNT's Leverage tells us where to find the city's best Swedish breakfast, homemade charcuterie, biking trails, and big block party.

The Secret Life of Fado

LISBON, Portugal – She put her soul into the performance, bringing the restaurant to tears. I couldn't understand the words, but I could feel how much Matilda ached.

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