Postcards tagged: Morocco

InstaTrip: Far-Flung Frontiers

INSTAGRAM – Getting acquainted with travelers willing to give up cell reception in exchange for nature's majestic beauty.

A Naughty Weekend in Essaouira

ESSAOUIRA, Morocco – Be careful if you are going to have loud or saucy sex. Many rooms have open woodwork onto the courtyard. It's an affair to remember.

The Marrakech Orangerie

MARRAKECH – The Notes from the Road illustrator wanders the medina absorbing shades of orange.

Falling for Fez

FEZ, Morocco – Led by a local friend, expert shopper Joanna Williams navigates the streets, souks, and street foods.

World's Best Hotels: La Mamounia, Marrakech

MARRAKECH – I almost cried when I walked into my room. It was a real-life equivalent of the Moroccan fantasy I had built up in my mind. It was a Berber jewel box, and I had the key.

VIDEO: A Marrakech Minute

MARRAKECH – Camels on the beach. Fountains in the riad. Palm trees against a purple sky. Escape to Morocco with a short film by Andrew De Francesco and Gavin Bellour. 

The Garden of Eden Is in Marrakech

MARRAKECH – At the Beldi, country club-living for the day feels like wandering into an oasis in the desert. it doesn't seem like there are any rules.

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