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Swimming with Whale Sharks

LA PAZ, Mexico – I knew it wouldn't attack me. Whale sharks eat plankton and algae, for goodness sake. But when a 15-foot anything is swimming towards you, and you're practically naked, it's freaky.

It's a Family Affair at Jashita

TULUM, Mexico - I was swept off my feet. The white sand, the crystal clear waters. The chic yet understated luxury. The serene location, just far enough from the Tulum scene.

Celebrating the Dead in San Miguel

SAN MIGUEL DE ALLENDE, Mexico – Old traditions meet new celebrations and the living honor the dead at La Calaca, a four-day Dia de los Muertos festival debuting this week in San MIguel.

Tacos and Tequila with Grandma

SAYULITA, Mexico – The adventurous grandma picks the place, the lucky kids follow along. 3 Fl. Oz. co-founder Alexi Mintz discovers the secluded and beautiful Riviera Nayarit town. 

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