Postcards tagged: Meals to Remember

The Divine Porchetta of Rome

ROME – Porchetta from heaven. That's what awaits inside the hole-in-the-wall that's been serving it since 1890. (And don't bother looking for it in your guidebook.) 

Oui! A Feast in Southwest France

SAVERDUN, France – Everyone knew everyone. When the president made his toast, it ended in a nearly-naked conga line followed by a brass band that serenaded each lady in turn. (Ah, the French.)

Austin's East Side King

AUSTIN – Paul Qui had invented a dish that he knew would drive the drunk crowd nuts: deep-fried roasted beets dusted with shichimi and dressed with kewpie mayo. Beets? For real.

Love Letter: Cochon's Oysters

NEW ORLEANS – Long after the plate was removed and long after the last bite of heart-thumping upside-down pineapple cake was licked clean from the spoon, I thought about those oysters.

Bukhara Pops Up in London

LONDON – Legendary Delhi restaurant Bukhara has opened a pop-up outpost in Knightsbridge for two weeks. Too bad you can't get in.

Cocina Under the Stars

TULUM, Mexico – If you do not like tequila-based cocktails mixed with fresh juice and served in giant mason jars, stay far away.

Just Back From: Amsterdam

AMSTERDAM – Café Winke was our morning hangout, with great coffee and the best appeltaart in town. At night, it was Café 't Arendsnest, where we explored Dutch craft beers.

A Heavenly Meal in the Marche

LE MARCHE, Italy – Italians don't value scheduled time in the way Americans do. Still, they'll give you incredibly tasty dishes to distract you from it.

Love Letter: Al Moro

ROME – Roman cuisine is basic, served by rightfully proud waiters. It is not mind-blowing and it is not rude. And it is definitely not Eat, Pray, Love, and even less Eat, Pay, Leave.  

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