Postcards tagged: Majestic

The Kid Loves the Dude

WYOMING, USA – He will want nothing more than to ride for the next week, just like the rest of us. We head off into the big wide open. The Snowy Range mountains are in the distance, and the sky is painted a shade of blue I’ve never seen. 

Love Letter: The St. Regis Florence

FLORENCE, Italy – The location, the antiques, the canopy over the bed, the trattoria around the corner, the very grand Italianness of it all. Who wouldn't fall in love? 

Antarctica: Vast White Wilderness

ROSS ICE SHELF, ANTARCTICA – You are so disoriented, there is nothing to give you a sense of scale (except your own body), and so you forget that you exist in order to be transformed by the frozen desert.

A Perfect Adirondack Day

This literary excerpt from Russell Banks' "The Reserve," describes the quiet beauty of the Adirondack Mountains.

Land of Ridiculously Amazing Parks

UTAH, USA – Southern Utah — and specifically Scenic Route 12 — is a study in sky, cloud, vast plains, grand canyons, and the inviting open road.

Kenya Diaries, Part 2: From the Ground Up

LAKE VICTORIA, Kenya – Lots of speeches, a warm Fanta, and several songs later, we had us a brand new school, with gleaming desks, fresh books, and a library in the works. 

Kenya Diaries, Part 1: Samburu Hokey Pokey

NAIROBI, Kenya – Four years ago, standing in the blazing sun in the middle of the African desert, I looked a Samburu tribeswoman in the eye and promised her we would build a school for her children.

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