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Fathom Questionnaire: Brigid Pasulka

The meal you'll never forget? I had a deal with the brothers who ran Pasta e Basta in Alassio. I would order the running shoes they couldn't get in Italy in exchange for gnocchi with gorgonzola.

What the Hell is "Hygge"?

COPENHAGEN – If you want to get to know Denmark and the Danish — and right now everyone does — then we have to start with the basics.

Literary Excerpt: Seen One Taj, Seen Mahal

"Why should I spend time and money on things and places I'm not interested in when so many overlooked experiences beckon?" An excerpt from Matt Gross's The Turk Who Loved Apples.

Literary Excerpt: "The Sun Also Rises"

The steer ran awkwardly and the bull caught him, hooked him lightly in the flank, and then turned away and looked up at the crowd on the walls, his crest of muscle rising.

Literary Excerpt: "Jasmine and Fire"

BEIRUT — I'm starting to feel like I own the city again. I'm memorizing it physically, learning the routes. Route/routine. It hits me that this is what a routine is — a kind of route.

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