Postcards tagged: Landmarks and Monuments

Break Into the JFK Terminal Time Forgot

NEWYORK CITY — The TWA Flight Center at Idlewild Airport symbolized everything that was romantic about air travel in the 1960s. This weekend, you can relive the magic.

Just Back From: Copenhagen

COPENHAGEN – Kodak moment? This sounds creepy, but walking through Assistens Kirkegård, a cemetery where Hans Christian Andersen and Søren Kierkegaard are buried. 

Just Back From: Prague

PRAGUE, Czech Republic – I was surprised at the weird US brands that kept cropping up — TGIFridays and Hooters seem out of place amidst all the medieval, romanesque, and gothic beauty.

Contrarian Travel: Go to Egypt. Now.

EGYPT – For a a once-in-a-lifetime connection with the earliest glimmers of ego, violence, power, faith, passion, and art, take a deep breath and jump on the next flight to Cairo.

Family Heaven. With Sand and Tacos.

TULUM, Mexico – After a bumpy drive down a dirt road, a motorboat took us through nine different ecosystems. (Amazing!) Pristine, untouched, and beautiful nature at its best. 

Iconic Moments

It’s nice to duck into a dark church and feel the cool, smooth stones, smell the incense of a century’s worth of masses, and observe a quiet space open to everyone. 

An Architect's Tour of Montreal

MONTREAL, Canada – The city is awash in landmarks and world-renown buildings. Architect Mark Gardner makes his must-see list and has a look around.

A Mosque Grows in Muscat

MUSCAT, OMAN – The mosque was empty when I walked in, and I was glad to have it to myself. It's pretty massive, pretty breathtaking, and awfully pretty. 

Yangon Emerges from the Shadows

YANGON, Burma – It's a beautiful, fragile sight. Grand architecture and gilded pagodas that survived years of turmoil mingle with delicious street food and lovely markets.

I'm Bringing the Whole Damn Family to Bali

BALI – Sites with the kids by day and cocktails by night. Bali is more than a romantic getaway. It's fun for the whole, extended, picky, babies-to-gramps, what-about-me family. 

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