Postcards tagged: Just Back From

A Few Days in Trancoso, Bahia

TRANCOSO, Brazil – There's no place like it. A charming, quiet village surrounded by beautiful beaches, it's beautiful, calm, bohemian-chic, and very relaxed. Simple luxury in the Bahian spirit.

Just Back From: Azerbaijan

The people are great — everyone was so willing to joke! Notably the opposite of the advice I found on travelers' sites, which warned tourists that Azeri's don't like to smile. 

Mom and Me: Two Pilgrims Hiking in Spain

GALICIA, Spain − We traveled through forests, farmland, and tiny medieval villages. We and ate anchovy sandwiches at the cafe where Hemingway hung out during the running of the bulls.

Just Back From: Copenhagen

COPENHAGEN – Kodak moment? This sounds creepy, but walking through Assistens Kirkegård, a cemetery where Hans Christian Andersen and Søren Kierkegaard are buried. 

Just Back From: The High Sierras

YOSEMITE, California – I found an abandoned cabin with chairs on the patio in the middle of the countryside with no trail leading to it. It looked like something left over from a movie set.

Just Back From: Kerala

KERALA, India – Any surprises? A mouse found its way into my bag and spent the night gnawing at a bag of peanuts I had from our flight. I released him back into the sea of rubber trees from which he came.

Just Back From: Bonaire

BONAIRE, Dutch Antilles – I didn't snorkel even though it's one of the best snorkeling and diving spots in the world! How could I have missed that? I'm afraid I was too relaxed.

Just Back From: Prague

PRAGUE, Czech Republic – I was surprised at the weird US brands that kept cropping up — TGIFridays and Hooters seem out of place amidst all the medieval, romanesque, and gothic beauty.

Just Back From: Tokyo

TOKYO – You can get anything you want here, but  the local specialty is taking a common concept — rice balls, coffee, macarons, whatever — and elevating it to an art form.

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