Postcards tagged: Jamaica

Nuh Linga! Get Down to Jamaica

JAMAICA – The perfect amount of breeze passes through the property carrying you right onto the beach — your own secluded bay, shaded by enormous trees, punctuated by a spacious gazebo.

Reggae Tones in Jamaica

JAMAICA –  But even the most astute stoner must gain some enhanced state of consciousness knowing that this is the weed that launched a thousand reggae careers.

It's All Good at Round Hill

MONTEGO BAY, Jamaica – It's impossible not to relax at Round Hill, one of the most beautiful spots ever. It oozes charm, with an old-world elegance carried over from its early jetsetter days.

Jamaica's Coolest Joint

NEGRIL, JAMAICA – A North American Indian-inspired compound in the middle of Negril? Enough said to get designer Geren Lockhart on the next plane to an island nation of the Greater Antilles.

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