Postcards tagged: It's a Scene

Oui! A Feast in Southwest France

SAVERDUN, France – Everyone knew everyone. When the president made his toast, it ended in a nearly-naked conga line followed by a brass band that serenaded each lady in turn. (Ah, the French.)

The Best View in Sydney

SYDNEY – Although harmless, the garden's resident fruit bats made their presence known throughout the movie by occasionally flying in front of the screen or letting out a shrill squeal. 

Just Back From: São Paulo

SÃO PAULO, Brazil – Remove your 1990's perception of São Paulo as polluted, dirty, dangerous, and dysfunctional. Replace with artsy, exciting, emerging, trendy, and delicious.

Love Letter: Balthazar, NYC

NEW YORK, NY – It's your breakfast, say 9 a.m., where pure light bounces off your distressed mirrors and signature subway tiles. Balthazar, this is when you look your best.

A Field Guide to the Hamptons

This is where New Yorkers come to pretend they're Hawaiians, surfing and smoking pot and living the materialistic version of the hippie lifestyle. They're proud in Montauk. And they're cooler than you are.

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