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Is It Safe to Visit Cairo Now?

CAIRO – Countries around the world are lifting their travel advisories to Egypt. The media hypes a different story. What's the truth? We talk to travelers on the ground to get the truth.

Thieves Are Just Nice People on Drugs

RENO, Nevada – Burning Man kicks off today. Are you ready? Glowsticks? Jerky? Chapstick? Our survival guide has everything you need. Remember: Don't climb the art.

How to Feel at Home Wherever You Are

I'm never without a bathing suit. You never know who might have a hot tub, where you'll find a pool, or who might steal you away for a trip to the ocean.

Contrarian Travel: Go to Egypt. Now.

EGYPT – For a a once-in-a-lifetime connection with the earliest glimmers of ego, violence, power, faith, passion, and art, take a deep breath and jump on the next flight to Cairo.

Ask Fathom: What to Pack for a Safari?

I have traveled to my fair share of destinations requiring loose cotton clothing that can be easily washed in the sink. It doesn't mean I have to dress like a park ranger.

5-Star Vacation, 2-Star Prices

If planned and executed properly, chasing the storm gives you the benefit of taking a dream vacation and helping to revive a local economy. Not a bad proposition.

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