Postcards tagged: Hippie-Dippy

11 Things You Have to Do in Portland

PORTLAND, Oregon – Beth Riesgraf of TNT's Leverage tells us where to find the city's best Swedish breakfast, homemade charcuterie, biking trails, and big block party.

Just Back From: Coachella

INDIO, Palm Springs – I had heard that a hologram of Tupac would be rapping live on stage with Dr. Dre and Snoop Dog closing Coachella. Low and behold, it happened.

Prehistoric Beasts and Prankster Sheep

BORREGO SPRINGS, California – A mini Marfa, a desert safari, lots of mischievous wildlife. Borrego Springs is a surreal alternative to its bourgeois neighbor, Palm Springs.

Family Heaven. With Sand and Tacos.

TULUM, Mexico – After a bumpy drive down a dirt road, a motorboat took us through nine different ecosystems. (Amazing!) Pristine, untouched, and beautiful nature at its best. 

Resolve 2012: Eco, Pray, Yoga

BUENOS AIRES, Argentina – For me, it was an off-the-beaten-track adventure. But it's a perfect place to spend a mid-life crisis, to get away from the world and live in the present. 

Jamaica's Coolest Joint

NEGRIL, JAMAICA – A North American Indian-inspired compound in the middle of Negril? Enough said to get designer Geren Lockhart on the next plane to an island nation of the Greater Antilles.

Love Letter: El Cosmico, Marfa

MARFA, Texas – I'm no hippie, but the communal vision was so charming that I felt like I'd stepped into a latter-day Peaceable Kingdom that was on the verge of erupting into a very cool party.

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