Postcards tagged: Greece

A Fashion Dream Inspired by Greece

PAROS, Greece – On a quest to find a perfect venue to shoot the summer campaign, I landed, figuratively at first, on the island of Paros, one of the Cycladic islands.

My Summer in Mykonos

MYKONOS – Mykonos has lots of Ibiza-type beaches if you want a thumping music scene. But I prefer the bohemian strips of sand that pepper the island. Like Fokos. Bathing suit optional.

Just Back From: Lesbos

LESBOS, Greece – We didn't know much but were told we must see Molyvos. Everyone was right. The beaches are extraordinary, and the water is so clear and blue.

A Girl and Her Greek Island

AGIOS NIKOLAOS, Crete – I expected to find Serge Gainsbourg smoking at the bar each evening. Exactly my scene. I channeled my inner Jane Birkin and made this spot my own.

Little New York in Hydra

HYDRA, Greece — In anticipation of his new novel, "Lightning People," Christopher Bollen heads to the Saronic island for solitude and finds a surreal version of the place he just left.

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