Postcards tagged: Giving Back

Giving Back: Della's Fresh Style

GHANA, West Africa – What does it take to run a business properly? Fair wages, healthcare benefits, savings initiatives, literacy courses, and empowerment. 

Love Letter: Finca Esperanza Verde

MATAGALPA, Nicaragua – A working coffee farm and eco resort in Nicaragua's stunning mountains, where the focus is on giving back to its tight-knit community.

Giving Back: Runa Amazonian Energy Drinks

ECUADOR – When is an energy drink more than an energy drink? When it is helping to sustain, empower, and develop an indigenous community. The co-founder of Runa shares their story.

Giving Back: Ridge to Reef Farm

ST. CROIX, U.S.V.I. –  Living off the land in a manner that makes the place better is not only possible, it breeds inspiration and healing. And on top of that, people will pay for it.

Giving Back: Fair Quinoa Vodka

If we want to fight poverty, we have to empower people through farming. Fair trade. Vodka is grain and water. We connected the dots, and our contribution to the world is built inside our products.

Giving Back: The Pachamama Alliance

AMAZON RAIN FOREST – Our host family explained that they thoroughly enjoy housing guests from various countries since they aren't financially able to travel to these places.

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